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About Us
Our mission is simple:  is the world's first online learning academy devoted to gypsy jazz and the music of Django Reinhardt.

We are dedicated to producing quality tuition clips, lessons and support materials to help you to learn how to play gypsy jazz guitar.

Subscribers have access to lessons covering the essential techniques of Django Reinhardt's music prepared by gypsy jazz guitar masters.


A new approach to learning

Academy members have 24/7 access to the site, and can learn at their own pace from our video lessons which are supported in many cases with audio files, chord charts and solo transcriptions.

Members have the unprecedented facility of being able to have access to our master teachers through our forums and can use the onsite chat feature to talk to the instructors or discuss their progress with fellow students.


"Get feedback on your progress from one of the world's finest gypsy jazz guitarists"


Lollo Meier is regularly available to discuss aspects of the lessons with academy students through the academy chat, forums and by email. Subscribers can also upload video clips of their progress for the master to appraise.

lollo meier gypsy jazz guitar lessons

The lessons cover the fundamentals of the style including tuition on the Swing rhythm (sometimes referred to as the pompe), along with demonstrations and analysis of the Gypsy Waltz and Swing Waltz Rhythms.

Lollo shows us some valuable techniques to develop strength and consistency in the right hand and provides us with two stunning performances of his solo improvisations.


He also demonstrates his version of Django's Tiger, providing beginners and intermediate players with a complete melody to play over the changes to this popular tune. Lollo also demonstrates how he embellishes the basic chord pattern to make a more interesting rhythmic accompaniment.

Lollo also plays a version of Minor Swing and illustrates chord embellishment, before sharing some musical ideas and thoughts on improvising over this popular standard.

Lollo also answers some fundamental questions on practicing, plectrums, guitars, strings and gives us some insight on his approach to the music in an interview.

Many lessons have chord charts and solo transcriptions from renowned gypsy jazz guitar expert Denis Chang.


minor swing lesson


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We aim to become the best online learning academy and resource centre for learning Gypsy Jazz guitar.

We will provide regular updates and lessons from some of the biggest names in the genre and also tuition from the best teachers.

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The online gypsy jazz academy features video lessons, audio files, PDF documents containing tab and music notation.

It enables members to make friends and learn with other students via a chat system.

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